How We Paint Ronald Reagan

The first step in having an oil painting made is for you to choose your painting. Choose from any of the pictures or paintings on our site (here) or, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for in the collection, we could also create a painting from any good sized digital image of Ronald Reagan, please contact us for more information


The artist begins with a pencil drawing outline. The process is about 10-14 days and involves many layers of paint.

The artist will apply paint to the painting everyday but needs to wait a few days in between coats.

After the painting is finished we begin our quality control system.

Clearly, the painting is the artist’s work and nothing will be changed dramatically. But, your desires are the most important part of the process because it’s your painting.

Fresh perspectives are always welcome. So, please, let us know when you want something changed. There are no big egos here to be hurt!

After we both are happy with the painting we will send you some final hi resolution photos.

At his point in the process, the paintings are almost always perfectly done. But again, it’s your work of art and you might have some further suggestions. All of which are enthusiastically desired by us. It’s what makes our paintings as good!

Once we have your final approval the painting will be shipped out in a crush proof container.

That’s our process. See you there.

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