How Do I Order?

The Collection

Very few people have the opportunity to have a real, oil painting portrait of Ronald Regan before The Ronald Reagan Collection. Most other portraits cost thousands of dollars and to find a talented portrait artists is next to impossible.  It takes a real special artists who can create a portrait.  

Our collection is a celebration of Ronald Reagan and all of his achievements. We have selected some of his most important events and times for our paintings. And with so many great moments in his 8 year presidency, that was not an easy job. We will continue to add great paintings to our collection.

We guarantee our portrait artists will create an incredible portrait of Ronald Reagan, using only the finest materials and canvas. We do not use any projective or transfer techniques whatsoever. Each portrait is executed solely by hand and the keen eye of the artist to create life-like paintings with unique perspectives in each painting

To Order a painting:

Go to The Ronald Reagan Collection — here

On each painting page will be sizes and prices.  Select the one suited for you and that will take cart page and then on to PayPal.

After your purchase we will be in contact via email.